Shopping for bath salts to treat yourself, a loved one or add to your business? CAIM & ABLE has you covered, from head to toe!

Stop magnesium deficiency in its tracks, using the body’s largest organ — the skin. 

The ultra-luxurious Magnesium flakes will help you to unwind and soak away the fatigue and stress of the day. Traditionally used in many ancient therapies around the world, you can expect your mind, body and senses to be calmed and reinvigorated.

Made from pure Magnesium Chloride flakes sourced directly from the Dead Sea, the naturally occurring compound is free from man-made pollutants and heavy metals that can be found in other common options on the market. Our Magnesium Chloride is a high grade flake that provides essential minerals to your body, skin - directly to the cells.

Why are CAIM & ABLE's Magnesium Salts so special?

  • Literally soaks away the strains of the day
  • Effective for stress relief and relaxation
  • Great for soaking muscles and joints
  • Improved energy
  • Improved sleep quality
  • Improved mental clarity