Skin NOURISH Twin Pack - Caim & Able
Skin NOURISH Twin Pack - Caim & Able
Caim & Able


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Transforms any bathroom into an everyday spa. Smell like an island goddess - subtly scented with island coconut + zesty lime. NATURAL MAGNESIUM CHLORIDE SALT boosts Magnesium levels through trans-dermal (through the skin) absorption.

1 x full size NOURISH Bath Salt. RELAX & PAMPER your body with this 100% natural bath soak, whilst boosting your overall wellness via the Magnesium rich ingredients.
Enjoy the delightful aroma and therapeutic benefits of 100% native Australian Desert Lime and stress busting coconut extract to calm skin, mind and body.

    1 x full size NOURISH Salt ScrubThe perfect antidote for psychological wellness and stress relief. Helping to soothe sore muscles and joints,  and hydrating dry and damaged skin. Polishes rough, dry areas such as heels, elbows, knees and polishes off dead skin cells, leaving the skin ready to fully absorb the valuable nutrients and skin nourishing oils. 

    No Chemicals, No Preservatives, No Nasties.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 44 reviews
    Amazing product

    Arthritis of the hands no longer stops me from working or enjoying my hobbies. I rub PROTECT on and within a short time I have pain free flexibility.


    Got this for my toddlers restless legs, doesn't itch/sting and works perfectly!

    Great product

    I was a skeptic, but this product actually works. I'm a fan!

    we convert a lot of skeptics Leigh, you’re in good company!

    Products that do what they say they will!!

    I am an active female in my mid-fifties who enjoys cycling, walking, Zumba and gym. I get immediate benefits in spraying my magnesium spray onto my legs and arms - it helps my muscles relax and I no longer suffer from leg cramps that would make me have to leap out of bed. I’m a repeat customer with Caim & Able and love all of their high-quality products. Just about to treat my face to a relaxing face mask (put a drop of coconut or almond oil in the mix and it leaves my skin silky soft and dewy). I hope you feel encouraged to treat yourself especially considering the great benefits for a low cost.

    Thank you for the love Hayley! Great suggestions

    Love it.

    This product has stopped me from taking pain Killers thank God. Because i am at a desk all day i find sometimes i get tension and a sore neck. All i have to do is a few sprays and then all the tension and pain is gone. I also use it for restless leg syndrome. Love this product and it helps me sleep better.

    Awesome - so happy you are getting the desired relief Andrew :)