Bath Salt FAQ's

The benefits of bathing in a salt bath are many and varied, but overall it is about improving your wellness. Bath salts have long been regarded as an effective way of pampering skin, with long lasting hydrating benefits for dry skin conditions.  Epsom salts, bath salt for baths 

What are the different types of bath salts?


Magnesium Flakes, (Magnesium Chloride) both of which contain magnesium compounds – yet in very different forms, see the below guide to help you identify the key differences between Magnesium Flakes and Epsom Salt. 



NO! Leave the magnesium on the skin to absorb all of the benefits! 

Approx 1/2 to 1 teaspoon magnesium into their bath water. This will relax both the muscular and nervous systems to allow your little ones to drift off to sleep like a baby!

CAN MAGNESIUM HELP SKIN CONDITIONS? Yes. Magnesium can be used all over the body. We have had customers raving to us how our magnesium sprays have helped treat skin conditions including mild forms of dermatitis, acne and eczema.

CAN I JUST EAT MORE MAGNESIUM RICH FOODS? Unfortunately not, produce is grown in nutrient deficient soil in modern farming practices.

WHY DOES MY SKIN FEEL ITCHY? This is completely normal, the Mg salt content in our products is very high - it is like taking a swim in the very salty ocean and not showering before you leave the beach.   If you are experiencing skin irritation that becomes a rash or causes you to break out, we recommend that you dilute the oil with distilled water.

You can also try our LESS ITCH Mg + ALOE VERA SPRAY which is definitely less itch and super healing. 

ARE YOUR PRODUCTS SAFE TO USE DURING PREGNANCY? Pregnant women in particular greatly benefit from using it due to the higher magnesium demands of growing a baby in the womb. Magnesium promotes muscle flexibility and easier recovery after giving birth, alleviates stress symptoms, and helps to calm and relax the nervous system. Increased magnesium nutrition is recommended for pregnant or lactating mothers, as part of a healthy lifestyle and balanced nutritional program. Your body allows an enhanced uptake of magnesium transdermally, where the body is self-regulating and controls uptake in a balanced way. (Disclaimer: This article is for educational purposes only. Please consult with your doctor if you are pregnant or lactating regarding the use of this product.)

NOTE: Many of our products contain essential oils, it is wise to confirm the safety of ALL essential oils prior to using them.

ARE THEY SAFE TO USE WITH CHILDREN? Absolutely, in fact, we suggest you do! They are not only safe but also highly therapeutic and can calm even the most restless.

HOW LONG DOES DELIVERY TAKE? Orders are processed within 1 and despatched via Australia Post or courier within 2 days. Delivery depends on what region of Australia you are in and may take anywhere up to 8 working days. If after 5 working days your order has not arrived, please contact the Caim & Able team on orders@caim-able.com

HOW DO I KNOW IF I'M MAGNESIUM DEFICIENT? Symptoms of poor magnesium intake can include muscle cramps, facial tics, poor sleep, RLS, chronic pain. Other symptoms include anxiety, depression, high blood pressure, fatigue.  

Studies have shown overall absorption of magnesium supplements in some individuals as low as 10%. Certain forms of magnesium supplements, such as magnesium oxide, may have an absorbable magnesium potency as low as 4%. Diuretic foods such as coffee, tea and alcohol deplete available magnesium, as does some medications - check with your Doctor.

CAN I OVERDOSE? No, you are simply bathing or applying a sea salt water that happens to be high in magnesium chloride. The skin has a unique ability to self-regulate absorption.

ARE THERE ANY CHEMICALS IN THE PRODUCTS? There are no chemicals, synthetics or artificial fragrances used at any time in the creation of our product ranges. 100% natural. They have been independently tested for impurities.