Australian Clay Beauty SAND & SKY
Australian Clay Beauty SAND & SKY. SUSTAINABLE
Australian Clay Beauty SAND & SKY. SUSTAINABLE
Australian Clay Beauty SAND & SKY. SUSTAINABLE
Australian Clay Beauty SAND & SKY. SUSTAINABLE
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This stunning Australian Clay kit comes with everything that you need to create a combination to reduce wrinkles, shrink pores and promote firmer, healthier skin like a professional in less than 20 minutes - for flawless skin.  

Create a ritual and a habit out of wellness, feel good in your skin, and enjoy this moment you’ve dedicated to self care. You will look and feel like you’ve spent a classic day at the spa - they’re also some of the most eco-friendly ingredients our Earth has to offer. 

The kit contains;
  • Native Botanical Complexion Facial Mist
  • 3 x 30g unique clay combinations
PINK CLAY & HIBISCUS- Australian Pink and Kaolin Clay, Organic Australian Hibiscus, Native Davidson Plum Rejuvenating all goddess skin types
DEEP DIVE DETOX- Aloe Vera, Native Desert Lime, Australian Zeolite, Kaolin Clay, Matcha Powder. Ideal for pesky breakouts
NOURISH & REPAIR- Australian Sandalwood powder, Australian Clay, Papaya and Pineapple Enzymes, Coconut. Say goodbye to dry, dull skin
  • Helps to sooth irritation while balancing pH and protects against environmental skin damage
  • A unique blend of potent, antioxidant rich, botanical extracts formulated to boost skin hydration, tighten pores and gently dissolve dead skin cells.
  • Paraben + Sulfate free
  • Vegan + Cruelty free
Leaves the complexion feeling refreshed, hydrated and nourished. When added to your daily skincare routine andusedboth morning and night, it can have major positive impact on the appearance and tightness of your pores.

      best Australian clay beauty

      Tip 1 Use the Deep Dive Detox as a spot treatment for any breakouts. Apply a small amount onto affected area and leave overnight if possible.

      Tip 2 Supercharge your results by following with your favourite moisturiser with antioxidants.

      Tip 3 Multi-mask! Apply our Detox Clay Face Mask to your t-zone and Pink Clay Mask everywhere else.

      FREQUENCY: Use 2-3 times a week if you have oily to combination skin, or 1-2 times a week if you have dry or sensitive skin.Use this time to thank yourself for taking care of your body. 
      Remove by rinsing with warm water, or steaming a warm cloth and gently allowing the mask to dissolve. Follow with your favourite toner and facial oil, and enjoy your all-day glow. 

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      A birthday present
      Got two of these wonderful
      We are sure too! Have a wonderful Christmas, hopefully surrounded by wonderful friends, family and food x
      A lovely gift
      Fantastic value
      Thank you Danielle, we are so happy to hear you enjoyed the clays! Try mixing one of them with natural yoghurt too - the lactic acid & clay combination is a whole new level xx
      Beautiful bath salts - thank