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sleep bundle
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We’ve all experienced it: the crushing weight of trying to drag yourself through a workday when you just haven’t had enough sleep the night before.

It’s not just unpleasant, it makes everything harder—and erodes the quality, accuracy, and creativity of your work (not to mention impacting your ability to collaborate with colleagues).

And if you manage people, sleep issues can invisibly undermine all the good things you do: someone who’s suffering from sleep problems will be far less receptive to even the best management and culture in the world. If your people haven’t slept well, it will be hard to even get their attention much less their full engagement.

Enter our beautiful sleep bundle box!

Our boxes contain full size and sample size products from our skincare and candle line, subscriber exclusive items, and may include new products and scents before they are available in our shop.  Each box will have a value of $60 to $75.

Choose from:

1 month:  One-time purchase for $49, plus shipping.

3 months:  Three consecutive monthly boxes for $45 per month, plus shipping.  (Savings of $4 per box)

6 months:  Six consecutive monthly boxes for $39 per month, plus shipping.  (Savings of $10 per box)

Please note that subscription boxes do not qualify for free shipping and a $9.50 flat rate shipping charge per box is included in the price. 
You will be charged an additional $9.50 flat rate shipping charge for any additional items purchased with a subscription box.  If you would like to have everything ship together with your subscription box, please email us at and we will refund your additional shipping.
 **Local friends!  If you would like to pick up your box each month, please choose the local pickup option during checkout and we will refund your shipping charges.**

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